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Bullying and harassment

In safe regions, families contact each other privately if, for example, their children wanted a sleepover, if their child was bullying or behaving inappropriately towards others

The vast majority of incidents are not crimes and parents keeping in touch with each other can quickly resolve trivial matters between themselves, long before they become serious

Parents are ultimately responsible for their own child’s behaviour, not the teachers. The charity has an Expert Witness, with experience qualifications that include young people’s emotional and behaviour problems. The charity adviceline is open every day, 8 ‘til 8

Parenting Cooperatives are simply a private and personal telephone network of other parents, neighbours’ friends and family, each making the others aware of any bullying or grooming incidents. We encourage parents to include the number of their community police officer on their network for advice and discussing concerns they may not be sure about

To start your own, invite other parents to join your network. Just one rule; never post any names or phone numbers on social media. The whole point is for each parent to have their own network, preferably the parents of you your child’s friends. Responsible parenting is an essential skill for every loving parent and child to learn

Parenting Cooperatives are free
Please get in touch or arrange a virtual meeting for explaining how to set up your own parenting coopertive